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When thinking of criminal justice, a person will normaly think of court rooms and lawyers. However, the criminal justice education system encompasses a great deal more than just the common ideas. Criminal justice covers any job profile that deals with crime prevention, law enforcement, legal scenarios, and control over any legal issues of a society. This may include law enforcement, court systems, corrections, probation, and even the education systems. Included in this wide array of careers are all of the subsidiary jobs involved within them. Some of these can include police officers, jail administration and private investigation to lawyers, legal assistants, paralegals, court reporters, and teachers. The criminal justice system is a vast system with virtually an unlimited amount of potential for those holding degrees in criminal justice.

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Salaries and Benefits for Criminal Justice Graduates

Graduates of an accredited criminal justice program can look forward to rewarding careers and salaries that vary greatly, depending on the job title. While some positions may not typically carry high paying positions, others are among the highest paying careers in the nation. Overall, the income potential is limited only by the amount of time and education one is willing to invest.

Take a look at just a few of the most common careers in criminal justice, as well as the average salaries associated with them.

  • Paralegals and Legal Assistants - $34,900 to $60,000
  • Criminal Psychologist - $38,500 to $67,000
  • Corrections and Jailers $33,600 to $61,000
  • Forensic Medicine - $38,500 to $70,000
  • Police Officers - $22,000 to $93,000
  • Attorneys - $40,000 to $175,000

Of course some salaries may fluctuate from state to state, but overall national averages prove that criminal justice careers offer excellent benefits and very competitive salaries compared to other careers of equal education.

Career Outlook in the Criminal Justice System

In the past, low level positions in criminal justice careers could be received with minimal experience and very little education. However, most positions now require some formal education, even for entry into the lowest level of the criminal justice system. Many police departments are requiring higher education for entry level officer positions, and seldom will you find an attorney that has assistants working for them without at least degrees in legal assisting or paralegal secretary. As most of the working society becomes better educated, the requirements for the positions they seek have increased. This has lead to a much healthier criminal justice system, as well as positions offering higher pay for those graduates.

The job outlook for graduates of an accredited criminal justice degree program is very high. Increasing populations across the country have unfortunately lead to a higher percentage of crime and over populated prison and jail systems. Many prisons are so over populated that they have now begun to lease jail space at local county lockup facilities. Because of the higher degree of crime in the nation, there is an urgent need for a wide variety of educated job seekers to fill the positions that are available.

Upon entering a position within the criminal justice system, a person can look forward to a challenging and exciting career. The possibility for career burn out is decreased by the large number of career advancement opportunities. Many employees will discover that each position they hold is often job training for a new and higher paying position.

Criminal Justice Degrees Available Online!

For many people, attending college may be something that they only dreamed of. Many have busy working schedules and active lives that prevent them from obtaining a traditional campus based education. Fortunately, modern technological advances of the internet have stepped up to allow these schools to offer their programs online. Students can still continue to work their present jobs, and even maintain a healthy social and family life, while attending an accredited school and work toward a career they have always wanted.

A wide variety of degree programs are available. Everything from certificates and associates degrees to even doctoral degrees are available through distance education. Take a look at some of the most popular degree programs. Decide which is best for you, and request free information directly from an accredited college or university offering the program. Although this may seem like a small step, it could be the best career decision you have made in your life!

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