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The high demand for legal services today means an overwhelming increase in work for law firms. Lawyers can't possibly handle all of their caseloads, research, meetings with clients, preparation of paperwork and court appearances. This is why a Bachelors Degree in Paralegal can make you an integral part of any legal office.

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Paralegals today do a great deal of the background work for lawyers. They prepare legal briefs, investigate case facts, find case law, draft pleadings, motions, affidavits, and at times assist during trails. Basically, they do almost everything that can be done in a legal office that is not considered "practices of law" such as: giving legal advice, setting legal fees, and presenting cases in court. A person who possesses a Bachelors in Paralegal is essentially the right hand person to the lawyer they work for.

Paralegals are found in many different types of organizations and therefore they may have a more specialized area of training. For example: civil law, injuries, bankruptcy, corporate, criminal, family, immigration and real estate law to name a few. Because of this, many colleges and universities offer a Bachelor Degree in Paralegal with emphasis on specific areas as well as a generalized paralegal degree. If you wish to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Paralegal, you may want to think about which legal fields of study most interest you.

Job Outlook

The future job outlook for paralegals is good. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of legal assistants is expected to rise 22% from 2006 to 2016. The steady increase in population directly affects the amount of legal advice requested. Legal offices are trying to increase efficiency and speed while decreasing their costs by hiring qualified paralegals to do the jobs that were once done by lawyers. Private law firms continue to be the nations largest employers of those who possess a Bachelors in Paralegal; however, there are other options for employment as well, such as: federal and state governments, banks, real estate offices, insurance companies and corporations.

The average wages of those who have a Bachelor in Paralegal will vary depending on where they work, who they work for and work experience. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wages for paralegals in the U.S. is as follows:

  • Federal Government: $56,080
  • Management of companies/enterprises: $52,220
  • Local Government: $42,170
  • Legal Services: $41,460
  • State Government: $38,020

Many Paralegals also receive bonuses, as well as, health insurance benefits, 401K, paid vacations, life insurance and reimbursement for continuing education expenses.

How to obtain a Bachelor in Paralegal Degree

People who wish to pursue their Bachelor in Paralegal now have another option besides campus based courses. The advent of online degree programs has made it possible for many students to attend colleges or universities that could not before. Many people have a full time job that they need in order to make ends meet. Attempting to schedule campus based classes around a work schedule and vice versa makes it nearly impossible to work and go to school. With online classes, the student logs in anytime it is convenient for them, day or night. They can complete their studies from the privacy of their own home without spending hours going back and forth to a campus. Many regionally accredited and respectable universities and colleges now offer programs online.

If seeking a Bachelors Degree in Paralegal is what you would like to do, then take the first step toward your future and request more information today.

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