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September 11th proved to all Americans that we are not safe from attacks on our own soil. The tragedies that occurred brought forth a new era in the way of life in the United States. Americans are now more aware of the possibilities of future attacks on the US, and have formed a resolve to work and protect the country from those attacks. The safety of our country is now a number one priority among all Americans and our government.

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Soon after the attacks of 9-11, the United States formed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The organization was created to be a governing entity that is responsible for our nation's protection and security here on our soil. As of 2006, over 170,000 trained individuals worked for the DHS in Federal, State, and local agencies. As the organization develops, it will employ more people and cover a wider spectrum of responsibilities. This leads to a great many new jobs, not only in federal sectors, but state and local sectors as well. Administrators and policy planners are among those new careers, and fortunately, education facilities have developed accredited degree programs to fill the training needs of these positions.

Protecting the Homeland

A Master of Public Administration degree in Homeland Security is the perfect solution to the training needs for the administrative positions available in the DHS. It prepares students with the knowledge of possible threats to foreign and domestic interests of the US from acts of terrorism. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to create programs and tactics to counter these acts, as well as create policies and procedures to help prevent future attacks. Upon successfully completing the program, students will be able to work as administrators for Homeland Security organizations at all levels of government, and take a leading role within those organizations in setting up and implementing new programs and policies.

MPA in Homeland Security course work

The Homeland Security degree programs available will require at least 52 core credits for completion along with at least 12 specialized credit hours, depending on the specialization the student is seeking to obtain. Masters degrees in Homeland Security offer many specialized training course, including Policy and Coordination, Administration, Loss prevention & Safety, Public Safety, Public Personnel Management, and Public Health Preparedness. Other specializations are developing rapidly, so the possibilities for students of a Homeland Security degree program are increasing.

Some of the course requirements may include:;

  • Nonprofit and Government Budgeting and Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management of Information
  • Public Policy Implications of Terrorism Legislation and Policies
  • Terrorism: A Systemic Approach for Emergency Preparedness
  • Critical Incident Planning and Leadership
  • Cultural Competency: Communication Skills for a Global Society
  • Policy Analysis

Careers in Homeland Security for Masters Degrees

Careers in Homeland Security for MPA degree holders are available all across the country. Graduates can expect to find employment at all levels of Federal State, and local governments. Jobs such as organizational leaders and departmental administrators are among the top of those positions available. Graduates may also find employment in such agencies as law enforcement, safety administrations, legislative positions, educators, policy coordinators, and non-profit organizational leadership. Since the DHS is a growing and changing quickly, new jobs are being created constantly, as well as new organizations to help fight all forms of terrorism here on the home front.

As most jobs in Homeland Security will be government managed, salaries and benefits are considered to be among the highest and most compensatory in the US. Salaries vary greatly, depending on what level of governmental employment, as well as the state of employment. However, averages of $50,000 to $150,000 are not uncommon. Benefits for administrators follow most governmental guidelines, but may also include such things as take home vehicles, extended travel and vacation time, and retirement benefits in the Public Employee Retirement Fund (PERF), and much more.

Colleges and Universities offer a MPA in Homeland Security

A Masters of Public Admin in Homeland Security degree is available from several accredited colleges and universities across the country. Not only do theses schools offer the program, they have now made it easier than ever for students to obtain their degree by attending the classes on the Internet! Online degree programs in Homeland Security allow students the ability to attend their courses from the comfort of their home. This makes it easy for students to reach their educational goals, while still keeping up with their current jobs and family life.

Take a look at some of the schools offering this program. Request free information from the school of your choice, or all of them, and you could be on your way to a whole new career in Public Administration and Homeland Security.

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