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Private Investigator

Private Investigation offers a unique and thrilling advantage over many law enforcement careers. Graduates of the Private Investigator program have many options available to them, such as self-employment and various specialty fields of investigation. Whatever choices a graduate makes, they can rely on job security for several years as employment for Private investigators is expected to rise more than 25% over the next 7 years.

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Private Investigators are highly sought after for such things as fugitive searches, missing persons investigations, spousal investigating, body guard services, surveillance, loss prevention, and so much more. Graduating from an online Private Investigator class gives you the freedom to enjoy being able to choose any type of area to specialize in. Some of those areas are:

  • Cyber Crime
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Legal, Financial, and Corporate investigation
  • Detective Work
  • Theft, Fraud, and Foreclosure

What the Online Private investigator Course teaches you

Student enrolled in the class will learn valuable investigative techniques, as well as give you inside information into the multiple resources available to be used during your career. Some of the areas of study include:

  • Investigation and reporting techniques
  • How to conduct thorough and effective background investigations
  • Various types of surveillance equipment, as well as how to use it
  • Moral and ethical responsibilities
  • Civil and criminal litigation
  • Fingerprinting techniques
  • Undercover skills

Why choose the Online Private investigator Course?

Because of convenience! An online course of study allows you to complete your course at home and at your own pace. There are no high demands of being at class on time or having to drive miles to a campus just to take an exam. The coursework is given to your directly over the Internet, allowing you the freedom to maintain your active lifestyle and current employment, while attending a program that will ensure your successful future.

So, what are you waiting for? Request your free information on the online Private Investigator program and get started today!

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