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CLEP© Testing

Going back to school does not have to be a burden. Work and life experiences should count for something, and CLEP allows students the chance to prove their knowledge without having to attend class. CLEP grants REAL college credits for taking and passing CLEP exams.


e-Learning Fundamentals

Explaining the advantages and the disadvantages of e-learning. Weighing the benefits of taking education online, and preserving your work and family life.

Online Bachelor Degree

An Online Bachelor's Degree

Online education is easing the burden of going to school for students with social and employment obligations. By allowing students the ability to attend college from home, students find it convenient to continue to work, and then complete their studies on their own schedule.


Why an Online Degree Makes Sense During a Recession

We all know how difficult it is to be prosperous in today's hard economy. With the news filled with tales of layoffs and hiring freezes, it is difficult to stay positive about your future. Going back to school is one way to ensure a stable future during tough times.

Online School

What is Accreditation and Why is Accreditation Important

Choosing an accredited school to obtain your degree from helps to ensure a secure future. Avoiding diploma mills can be done by making sure your school is accredited.

Online Learning

How to Succeed with Distance Learning

For those that are not familiar, online learning can be an intimidating process. However, with a little guidance, students can enter their virtual college well prepared to take on the new challenge. Simple and basic tips on how to make your distance learning adventure a success.

Online Learning Benefits

The Benefits of Online Learning

10 reasons some students prefer online learning over traditional campus based education.

Study Tips

Study Tips for Online Learning

A quiet, comfortable, well organized place to learn will be invaluable as you continue your online education. Having the materials you need on hand, and easy to find, will make your study time more efficient, which in turn will make you a successful student.

Study Skills

Effective Study Skills

Explaining how to manage your study time to maximize the benefit. Such tips as location, reading advice, managing surroundings, and time management are highlighted.

Study Tips

Study Skills for Online Education

Get the most from your online education by putting in the most effort. A big part of that effort is making sure you utilize your study time effectively. By taking this small step, a student can increase their chances of success in college drastically, as well as make their college experience just a bit easier.

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