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Homeland Security

In recent years, the United States has undergone a great deal of change. First, we realized that we are no immune to the tragedies brought forth by terrorism, as we watched in horror as thousands of people lost their lives in New York City at the World Trade Center. Then, we seen the persistence and of these terrorists in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. US civilians, Soldiers, and heroes have all lost their lives in the fight against terrorism and for the right for national freedom.

The United States taking a stance against terrorism

In 2002, a new department within the United States government was founded. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was established to serve as the core of the Unites State's fight against terrorism and foreign injustice. By working with agencies formed all across the country, the DHS works to organize and offer aid and support to each state's local branch. The purpose of the DHS is to organize the nation and secure it from future attacks by terrorists.

The Department of Homeland Security employs thousands of career minded individuals that are dedicated and trained in various aspects that aid in their cause. Although the department is still in its infancy, it is taking shape and beginning to serve a leading role across the country, and even the world. This department has seen abundant growth since its inception, and will continue to see that growth as more responsibility is placed on it. With this task comes the need for even more trained professionals to fill the many open positions within the DHS. New positions are opening almost daily, as the DHS spreads its wings and continues to grow.

New career choices for college graduates in the US

Fortunately, many accredited colleges and universities in the US have become aware of this need. They have designed courses and curriculums to fit the need of the DHS, and are now offering those degree programs in campus based classes, as well as completely online! Graduates of these programs can look forward to high paying careers in an industry that has yet to see its full growth potential. Entry level positions within the DHS offer great opportunities for advancement, along with excellent compensation and benefits.

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