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The idea of came about with the intentions of providing an online reference and directory of schools that provide certifications and accredited degree programs to students seeking to enhance their knowledge, advance their career, or start a new career in Public Safety. Resources for finding training in such a demanding and unique career were very limited, and the goal was to consolidate as many options as possible into one, easy to find and understand, location.

The site was established and created in 2007, and through the help of those that serve, or have served, in the many capacities of Public Safety and Health Care, we are able to provide high quality content in the form of references, school information, learning and working experiences, and access to get information on many types of educational opportunities in Public Safety.

Target Audience

If you ask anyone involved in the creation and upkeep of this site, they will attest to a long standing fascination with public service. Although anyone with a curiosity about those who serve in public safety will find interesting, humorous, and even sometimes dramatic stories of those involved in Public Safety, the site’s primary goal is to offer access to training for prospective students. makes every attempt to stay up to date on educational opportunities available in online college programs, as well as campus based schools that offer training. This site is intended to be a final reference point for those looking for information in Public Safety training programs.

The People of draws on the knowledge and experience of many people that have been involved in various aspects of Public Safety. Some voluntarily contribute articles and stories, using our contact form, and others contribute through direct communication with the site’s management. Although many have contributed to the building and expansion of this site, some deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions and continued service.

Jamey Perkins

A former Paramedic and Firefighter, Jamey is also the founder of He has extensive educational and working history in EMS, Fire Services, and Hazardous Materials, and has received many awards for outstanding service to the communities he served.

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David Peck

David Peck, Paramedic, grew up in a life of EMS. As owners and operators of one of Indiana's largest ambulance services, David and his family have learned virtually every aspect of emergency and convolencent medicine. His extensive background in Public Safety, as well as formal education and talented writing skills, allow him to contribute in depth views of EMS.

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Becca Gladden

Becca Gladden, EMT, Paramedic, and Nurse, is now a freelance writer. Her extensive background into public safety and nursing, allows her to offer a unique prospective from two sides of public safety. Her writing style is easy to follow, yet informative and factual based.

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