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Do you have a desire to work in a career that benefits the community, yet gives you the leadership position that you know you are capable of handling? Are you a career minded individual with a desire to succeed in the world of business? A Masters of Public Admin with a specialization in Public Personnel Management may be just the right choice for you.

Every community, whether large or small, has a need for skilled and qualified leaders to manage the organizations and agencies within it. Ambulance services, fire departments, homeland security organizations, not for profit agencies, health departments, interest groups, charitable organizations, and political positions. At virtually all levels of government, as well as private sectors, graduates can find careers offering excellent salaries and benefits.

Rewarding career choices

As upper level management or administration, individuals will be responsible for created and implementing goals and policy. By working to ensure the proper balance between effective outcomes and maintaining financial stability, you will be the starting point for all actions to be carried out. Having an educated background in business, finance, personnel management, policy and procedure, and hands on work ethic, you will be well qualified for the decision making role that will be your responsibility.

Those in charge of managing public personnel will find themselves being part of a close knit team of dedicated individuals. Since the very nature of these personnel is to offer more than they receive, management will find themselves part of a collective of hard working and loyal individuals that are willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the project. Although the public personnel sector can be one of the most rewarding careers that one could enter, it is not without challenge. You will be placing yourself into a position of extreme responsibility. Leaders in organizations like fire departments, ambulance services, and health departments may be involved in making life altering decisions for others. Administration roles in security and political scenes may be making changes that affect the freedoms and daily lives of their communities. The career of public personnel management offers varying levels of stress and excitement, but the end result can be a satisfaction not felt in any other career choice.

Educational Curriculum

Entry into a Masters of Public Administration program requires a bachelors degree from an accredited institution. A degree with emphasis in public personnel management will instruct students the techniques, thought processes, and planning abilities needed to take on the challenging leadership roles that lay ahead. Training tactics in budgeting, organizations, public policy, management of funds, and personnel management will all be covered.

The course is designed to teach students the principles and experiences needed when being involved in public personnel administration situations. Completion of the program will indicate the graduate's ability to manage public personnel in ethical behavior, present concepts and theories, manage legal issues, evaluate and adjust programs and policies, and implement strategic planning techniques and problem solving solutions to public sector issues. Graduates with this degree will be presenting a resume that demonstrates the learning ability and assertiveness needed to take on a leading role in a constantly evolving environment.

Schools offering the MPA in Public Administration Degree

Since many students seeking a masters degree have already entered careers and have financial and employment responsibilities, it is crucial that the student can find an education that is flexible and convenient. Fortunately, the public administration degree is one with career oriented individuals in mind. Available online, the course allows the student to keep working at their present job, as well as maintain the family and financial responsibilities that many have already formed by the time they are ready for this advancement in education.

Below are schools that offer the course online. Through modern technology, a student can use the internet to obtain their masters degree. Students can complete the program using a virtual classroom in the comfort of their own home, and can obtain their degree without ever attending a campus.

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Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University

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