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Like many other states, California has a long history that goes back for thousands of years. But, there's perhaps no single event that shaped and molded the region more than the Gold Rush that began in 1848! This one momentous event started California on the road to what it has become today!

Still sparsely populated and untamed in 1848, the discovery of gold attracted a flood of around 300,000 new residents. Called the "Forty-Niner's", these men, women and children that came from the United States and abroad were the beginning of the diverse mixture of cultures that still abound in the state today.

Although, almost $200 million in gold was taken from the land, the miners put much wealth back into the area. Through the construction of large cities, roads and industries, the Gold Rush was responsible for the states push to modernization. Even when the gold panned out, the dreamers kept coming.

The sudden influx of people entering California spurred the state to create a system of laws and their own state government. The government ruled the state for 10 months, before Congress granted it official statehood as the 31st state on September 9, 1850.

Today, California is still a land for dreamers with economic opportunities that are almost as diverse as it's citizens. The state produces more goods than any other and is the largest agriculture state in America. It's infamous for its high tech industries and Hollywood and Burbank continues to be the center for the television movies, motion picture and film industry in America.

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