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Bachelors Degrees in Emergency Management - Career advancement for Emergency Medical Technicians

EMS Degrees

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) are trained emergency medical responders that are often seen riding in ambulances and fire service vehicles in virtually every community across the United States. As average citizens, we usually only glimpse these individuals as they streak by us in their rescue vehicle with sirens blaring. Many of us know they are on their way to an auto accident or on their way to help someone who has injured themselves. However, most of us have very little idea of the lifestyle and training that these professionals have undergone, in order to be where they are today. We also have very little idea of the sacrifices that these people have given up, just to be there in our time of need.

Career choices for emergency medical workers

Those who successfully complete a basic EMT course have a few options available to them for career advancement, however almost all of them require continuing education and difficult tasks to complete. Depending on the state they reside in, EMT's may be able to move on to such levels as Advanced EMT, EMT-I, or Paramedic levels. Some states will offer certifications in these levels of training, while others may offer licensure. Each level of advancement requires an increasing amount of classroom training and continuing education throughout the career of the individual, in order to maintain their status.

EMT's all begin their careers with similar ideas in mind. Many are simply volunteers looking for a way to help their community in a positive way. Others are medical career hopefuls looking to get some real patient experience while working their way through college, and then on to medical school. However, a large portion of currently working EMT's have decided to make a career out of emergency medicine on the streets of their communities. While this career is certainly one that is very admirable, many people fail to realize the sacrifices that these individuals have made to maintain this career choice. A Bachelor Degree in EMS Management adds a whole new outlook to the direction of an EMT's career.

The sacrifices of an Emergency Medical Technician

EMT's are a valuable asset to their community. They are there for us in times of need, and have the training and skills needed to save our lives, if necessary. They run to our rescue in any whether condition, as well as any time of day or night. Their long work hours are require them to give up precious time with their families, as well as place strain on their physical well being. Since many emergency medical service providers offer only minimal pay rates to these workers, EMT's often have to give up many of the luxuries that the majority of the population in the USA enjoy and take for granted. Such things as a new car, large homes, designer clothes, or even simple things like cable television are just too expensive and out of reach for the majority of Emergency Medical Technicians to obtain.

The average career Emergency Medical Technician spends the majority of their time at work or some sort of training event. While of course this career has been a choice that they have made, they have few options for advancement into positions that offer decent salaries and compensation. Until recently, the options may have included higher certification levels, positions in emergency rooms, or possibly instructors for local emergency medical courses. However, new courses offered by some colleges and universities are beginning to change those choices.

New career choices for EMT's are available!

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