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Recent events have brought the Public Safety of the American people into the forefront of education. The need for trained personnel in all areas of Public Safety is growing rapidly, and many are stepping up to become the new American heroes in our society.

Plagues, natural phenomenon, war, multi-casualty accidents, and acts or terrorism are all examples of just a few of the various crises that the human culture has to deal with. When one of these occurs, the effects can be felt thousands of miles away in the daily lives of people from around the world.

Since the beginning of history record keeping, incidences of people assisting others during emergencies have been recorded. Hippocrates, was regarded as "The Father of Modern Medicine", and is noted for being among the first to categorize and treat epidemic diseases. The idea of protecting the safety of the public people made an early appearance. In 1656 the Dutch Merchant vessel Vergulde Draeck wrecked off the coast of Australia. It was then that one of the earliest recorded multi-casualty search and rescue efforts began.

"We live in the midst of alarms; anxiety beclouds the future; we expect some new disaster with each newspaper we read"
Abraham Lincoln 29 May 1856

The population of the world is growing, and along with the massive growth in world population, also comes a higher probability of people to encounter disasters more frequently. The time to become prepared for such emergencies has come, and society has risen to meet this obligation by creating more advanced response systems, incident command systems, and rescue task force teams. Federal, State, and Local Governments have invested billions of dollars in creating agencies at all levels in order to respond to crisis in shorter response times, and with more prepared task forces.

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Rising up to meet the challenges of creating leaders and task members of these response teams is the educational system of today's society. Many colleges and universities are working quickly to create and implement professionally designed programs to teach individuals how to function in all facets of the demands on public safety. Accredited degree programs in virtually every aspect of public safety and emergency management are available to students, and governmental funding is available for many of the courses offered. The goal is to create a Public Safety Response system designed to facilitate early fast response times, provide the best in care available, and to bring about rapid recovery and cleanup efforts.

Advances in modern emergency responses hinge greatly on the ability to educate those working in the field. More and more students are finding new programs each day to advance their education and make a positive impact towards creating a more stable environment for American citizens to live in. Some of those programs include the Paramedic to RN Bridge, EMT to BS in EMS Management, LPN to RN Bridge, Emergency and Disaster Management, a great many Criminal Justice Degrees, and many more options. We can help you get started in those programs and many more!

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