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Every community, whether large or small, has a need for some sort of organization of public health. As populations grow that need becomes even more apparent. With new forms of disease and sickness appearing each year, as well as the battle among health officials to keep old diseases at bay, public health professionals have a large task at hand.

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An organization of public health is formed to help prevent disease through various programs designed to watch any current cases and to help promote healthy lifestyles within a population. In instances of such things as outbreaks of infectious disease, it is the public health department of the community that is first to act. By informing local health officials as well as helping the community to receive needed treatments and putting procedures together, the public health department plays a vital role in insuring that proper help is available and further spread is abated.

Those holding a degree in public health will find jobs in a wide range of positions. Careers in local communities, as well as state and federal government settings are all available. Some of the jobs available may include Health Educators, Food Safety Specialists, Epidemiology, Research, and Nutritionists. Salaries may vary depending on the state of employment, but graduates can count on high incomes based on national averages, and employee benefits are usually substantially higher than average.

Since the public health sector can cover a broad range of job titles and positions, it is difficult to calculate exact figures, but here are just a few examples of what a career in public health has to offer.

  • Health Services Administration - $37,050 to $161,400
  • Epidemiology - $38,175 to $136,237
  • Environmental Health - $44,550 to $143,700
  • Nutrition - $31,500 to $70,875
  • Biomedical Laboratory - $31,500 to $78,750
  • Biostatistics - $33,000 to $63,000
  • Health Education/Behavioral Science - $33,000 to $86,625
  • International Health - $31,500 to $86,625
  • Public Health Practice/Program Management - $41,175 to $102,000

May colleges and universities are offering accredited degree programs in various public health career fields. These courses can be taken through distance education programs set up by the teaching institution, and most of them require no classroom experience. Although some may require field clinical time, clinicals can be completed at local facilities that partner with the school.

Take a look at some of the programs available, and make a decision that could change your future and set your career on the right track for success!

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