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Around the country, health officials from each community work to maintain relationships with the citizens of the community to bring them the latest medical news, treatments, and new ideas on combating health related issues that plague our nation. These officials are responsible for maintaining programs that educate and treat their communities in all aspects of healthcare. By maintaining the channels of communication between the community and medical authorities, public health agencies can effectively offer treatments for various diseases, as well as educate the community in healthy living styles and prevention techniques.

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Making a difference in your community

As a professional in the Public Health industry, you will stay up to date with recent studies in medicine, as well as treatments for a variety of known diseases. You will also be responsible for creating and implementing programs to aid the community in preventing outbreaks and living lifestyles that help to promote healthy living. Public health professionals study the global, economic, political, and cultural factors that influence healthcare, and develop strategies to fight the negative effects upon a community.

With a masters degree in public health, students will be opening up new career choices for themselves that can place them into leading roles among their community, giving them the opportunity to make a positive impact in society. Graduates will be able to see real world health problems, and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to make changes to those issues. Careers in epidemiology, health administration, environmental health, public health practitioners, research analysts, and community health organizers are only a few of the opportunities that await you.

Rewarding careers offering excellent salaries

The health and science industries are among the highest paying career choices in the US. Because of increases in population and increases in the size of almost every community in the nation, the job outlook is expected to continue to grow at a very rapid rate. Since the health industry is already understaffed, the need for public health officials is already in high demand. Salaries and employment in these areas is expected to rise to meet this demand, and to satisfy the need of virtually every community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for these positions already range from $31,000 to $170,000 annually. This does not include benefits associated with various job choices that may include take home cars, paid vacations, work from home opportunities, and retirement plans.

Since public health covers such a wide spectrum of nationwide health issues, it is impossible to note all career possibilities. However, many graduates will find careers in hospitals, laboratories, community organizations, government offices, political positions, and even military resources. Jobs in health departments, educational institutions, food safety administrations, and pharmaceutical and insurance industries are also common workplace environments for those holding degrees in public health.

Meeting the educational needs of responsible adults

Often times, individuals seeking a masters degree in public health are already employed, and have responsibilities to their employers that prevent them from attending campus based schools. Fortunately, many schools now offer accredited degree programs online that allow students to attend virtual classrooms, and do studies at home. This gives students the freedom and flexibility they need to maintain financial, career, and social responsibilities while they earn their degree. This convenience allows students to increase their earning potential, as well as advance their careers, without ever stepping into a classroom.

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