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Homeland Security Career Options and Education

Careers in Homeland Security can be among the most rewarding a person can find. Being part of a system that helps secure the nation and prevent various dangers to the public, caused by disasters and terrorism, can create a self-satisfaction that many people are looking for. Understanding the education requirements and career opportunities can be cumbersome. This article helps to resolve some headaches involves and inform the reader of the options available.

Homeland Security

What is Homeland Security?

A two part article describing the purpose of Homeland Security, what jobs are available within the Department of Homeland Security, and what type of education requirements should be sought to enter a career in Homeland Security.

Disaster Kit

Home Disaster Kits

Being prepared for a disaster is the single best step one can take towards surviving one. This article explains some of the basic necessities a person or household may need to keep prepared for such an event. By creating and maintaining a home disaster kit, you can be prepared if and when a disaster strikes.

Safety Plan

Homeland Security: An Individual Responsibility

Explaining how the first step in protecting America's homeland is for individual responsibility. By being aware of the dangers around us, and knowing how to prepare and cope with them, Americans can help protect the homeland.

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