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Legal Assistant (Paralegal) Job Description
A Legal Assistant, or Paralegal, provides invaluable service to the justice system. By removing much of the workload from an attorney, a Legal Assistant helps to keep costs down, as well as provide a means for clients to stay in touch with the representing lawyers. This article gives a more in-depth look at just what the job of a Legal Assistant includes.

What is a Criminal Justice Degree
Learn helpful information about what a degree in Criminal Justice can do for you. Job descriptions, salary information, and course descriptions.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Overview and Career Opportunities
A career in OSHA means a long lasting career with endless possibilities. By joining the OSHA workforce, you not only help promote safety in the workplace, you also solidify you future.

OSHA and Occupational Safety Careers
Training to enter careers in OSHA can offer great rewards. Job security, excellent benefits, and some of the best wages in public safety are just the beginning of what are available.

Can paramedics challenge nursing exams?
A look at a common question many paramedics ask when they begin to look further into their future employment within healthcare.

The Work of an Occupational Therapist
Insight into a realm of healthcare not normally shown in the spotlight. This information may shed some light on to the importance of Occupational Therapy and how it benefits the healthcare system.

Interview With Kendra, EMT Transitioned to Nurse
Having known and worked with Kendra for a number of years, she was a perfect fit for my first interview to publish here. She was an exceptional EMT that eventually decided to become a nurse.

Paramedic to RN - Paramedics stepping out of an ambulance and into an ER
More and more Paramedics are discovering a new career path in nursing through an online educational opportunity now available.

What is Emergency Management? Part 1 of 2
Those working in emergency management enjoy the feeling of holding a position that creates safety for the public. By creating, organizing, and implimenting new strategies for dealing with catastrophies and disasters, and emergency manager becomes a team leader during an emergency response.

The Job of the Firefighter - An Exercise in Heroism
A very brief look at the daily life of a USA firefighter

Why Become A Private Investigator?
Key reasons why a career as a Private Investigator could be the career change you are looking for. The freedom and excitement of being your own boss and working closely with authorities to help others.

The Paralegal Profession: 5 Must-Have Qualities for Success
Not sure if being a Paralegal is right for you? Evaluate yourself in 5 easy steps to find out!

Public Safety Careers -The beginning of a new tradition
Careers in Public Safety offer more than just excitement. Long standing family traditions, and the chance to have one of the most satisfying careers available is only the beginning.

So You Want to be an EMT
What every person should know about an Emergency Medical Technician as they begin the journey into Emergency Medicine.

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George Washington University
Offering the EMT to BS in EMS Management, GWU has developed a program that helps EMTs find a new avenue for career advancement

CLEP© Testing
Going back to school does not have to be a burden. Work and life experiences should count for something, and CLEP allows students the chance to prove their knowledge without having to attend class.

Online Fire Science Degrees
Understanding the basics of taking an online fire science degree program. Information of requirements and possibilities upon completion of any fire science degree.

e-Learning Fundamentals
Explaining the advantages and the disadvantages of e-learing. Weighing the benefits of taking education online.

Degrees in Emergency Management Part 2 of 2
Often times, it is only due to the natural response of most in public safety to climb the job ladder and end up in emergency management, however emergency management degrees can be obtained by anyone that posesses the leadership skills necessary to help put together emergency plans and response directives.

Paramedic to RN?
Outlining questions and concerns about the online Paramedic to RN program, and giving answers to those common questions.

Degrees in Disaster Management
Think you have what it takes to be a leader in a high velocity stressful situation? If so, perhaps you are the right person for a career in disaster management.

LPN to RN Bridge Online Degree Programs
Many students have already taken advantage of the LPN to RN degree available, and are now enjoying the success of their decision. Entering an LPN to RN degree through an accredited online campus will not only provide students the ease of education they have been wanting, but also provide a credible degree that will propell graduates further in their careers.

The Paramedic to RN Program - An online degree giving Paramedics an alternative career choice
A look at the process of making the transition from Paramedic to RN. Application and course design information are explained.

Earning an Online Degree in Criminal Justice
Anyone looking to further a career in criminal justice or to launch a new career would be taking a step in the right direction to sign up for an online degree. The course offerings provide flexibility along with the education you need to advance your career in protective community services and public safety

Online Paralegal Degrees
Online Paralegal Degrees save students time and money, by allowing them to attend their classrooms from home. Driving time, gas and related expenses, as well as not losing time away from employment obligations are just some of the benefits.

An Online Bachelor's Degree
Online education easing the burden of going to school for students with social and employment obligations

Why an Online Degree Makes Sense During a Recession
Easing the financial strain of college during difficult times.

What is Accreditation and Why is Accreditation Important
Choosing an accredited school to obtain your degree from helps to ensure your future. Avoiding diploma mills can be done by making sure your school is accredited.

Criminal Justice Degrees - Preventing insurance fraud
A degree in Criminal Justice can take a graduate to many different careers. Aiding Insurance companies in the fight against fraud is only one example.

The Benefits of Online Learning
10 reasons some students prefer online learning over traditional campus based education.

How to Succeed with Distance Learning
Simple and basic tips on how to make your distance learning adventure a success.

Wanted - Crimes Fighters for Criminal Justice Degrees
Staggering facts about the nations war on crime. What you might not realize is that we may actually be able to win!


Public Safety and What it Consists of

Coping with Stress a Critical EMS Survival Skill
The career of an EMS worker is often short lived. Stress and burnout plague EMTs and Paramedics after just a few years. Without help, many end their careers, in search of something "less stressful". This article outlines causes and coping mechanisms for stress in EMS workers.

Beyond Paramedic - Paramedics transitioning into long term health care
A look at how paramedics have changed their direction over the last 40 years. heading into long-term health care is the new trend of paramedics and filling the openings left by a nursing shortage is helping to pave new avenues for paramedics.

EMT and Paramedic Burnout
High stress careers often lead to an early exit in that career. Learning to recognize and manage the stress can help prolong the career and lead to a happier, more productive worker

What is Homeland Security?
A two part article describing the purpose of Homeland Security, what jobs are available within the Department of Homeland Security, and what type of education requirements should be sought to enter a career in Homeland Security.

Home Disaster Kits
Being prepared for a disaster is the single best step one can take towards surviving one. This article explains some of the basic necessities a person or household may need to keep prepared for such an event.

Homeland Security: An Individual Responsibility
Explaining how the first step in protecting America's homeland is for individual responsibility. By being aware of the dangers around us, and knowing how to prepare and cope with them, Americans can help protect the homeland.

The Calamity of Disaster - Recognizing the possibilities, planning for the event, managing crisis and coping with the effects
An 8 part series taking an in-depth look at disasters

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Advanced Study Aids and Tips

Study Tips for Online Learning
A quiet, comfortable, well organized place to learn will be invaluable as you continue your online education. Having the materials you need on hand, and easy to find, will make your study time more efficient, which in turn will make you a successful student.

Effective Study Skills
Explaining how to manage your study time to maximize the benefit. Such tips as location, reading advice, managing surroundings, and time management are highlighted.

Study Skills for Online Education
Get the most from your online education by putting in the most effort. A big part of that effort is making sure you utilize your study time effectively. By taking this small step, a student can increase their chances of success in college drastically, as well as make their college experience just a bit easier.

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