The Job of the Firefighter - An Exercise in Heroism

There are few jobs in the world which carry the responsibility of the firefighter. Those who work in the fire service business have a great responsibility for protecting public safety and keeping people safe from harm. Firefighters do much more than just put out fires. These heroes also provide valuable training in fire prevention and fire safety.

All in a day's work


Firefighters also help to inspect fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors and other pieces of safety equipment, helping to assure members of the public that they are safe and well protected. In addition many firefighters are also trained as EMTs and paramedics, helping people in medical need and providing valuable first responder services.

In fact the job of a firefighter is a varied as well as an exciting one. Firefighters are called upon to put out fires not only at residences but at commercial and industrial buildings as well. For this reason it is important for firefighters to have training in how to deal with potentially hazardous materials like industrial chemicals, solvents and the like. When a factory or other facility catches fire there are often potentially hazardous materials inside, and it is up to the firefighters on the scene to assess the situation and deal with it effectively.

Station Duties

Time is of the essence when it comes to fighting fires and responding to emergency situations. That is why firefighters spend their working time at their fire stations, where they are always ready to go at a moment's notice. The time spent at the fire station is far from wasted - while there firefighters may participate in practice drills, read about new firefighting advances and techniques or perform routine maintenance on firefighting equipment.

Many firefighters spend their downtime between responses working out, and staying physically fit and prepared for the next physically demanding run. The job of a firefighter is an unrelentingly physical one, and it is important for firefighters to keep themselves in great shape. Working out at the station helps these professionals stay at the top of their game, ready to respond to an emergency when the fire alarm sounds.

Ready to Respond

At a moment's notice, a fireman must be ready to act. Time is of great importance in an emergency, and be able to provide the necessary help needed may be the difference between life and death. Firefighters know that when the bell rings, someone is in dire need. It is up to them to get there as quickly as possible and to provide the help citizens so desperately need.

Many of us take for granted the service provided by our nation's firefighters. Since we rarely interact with them, we fail to fully understand some of the hard work they must endure to protect us. It is part of the sacrifice they make for us all, and even with such small recognition, they put their lives on the line for our safety.

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