Study Tips for Online Learning: Creating the Study Space

Online courses offer the convenience of studying at home, making it possible for people to continue and complete their education on their own time. However, these courses also require a huge amount of discipline. Your level of success depends on your level of commitment. Not only will you be studying on your own, you will be doing it at home amidst a number of distractions.

The first thing you should do, before you crack a text book or take a single note, is create a study space away from the hub of the house. Ideally, this will be a designated area that is used only for your studies. Realistically, it may not be possible in small living spaces or with a family computer that needs to be shared. Still, it is necessary to have a quiet, comfortable and organized study area.

Study Tips

Find a Quiet Place

That may not be so easy in a busy household, but it is necessary. Telephones, televisions, music and household conversation will affect your level of concentration. As a distance learner, you will not have the benefit of attending lectures; you will be teaching yourself the material. In order to do that, you absolutely must have a quiet place where you can focus. If there is nowhere in the house that is quiet, you may have to schedule your studying for times when the house is empty, or everyone is sleeping.

Be Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

A table or desk with adequate space for your computer, books, and supplies is a must, as is a comfortable chair. Attempting to study while lying on the sofa or relaxing in the recliner might sound like a good idea, but chances are you will fall asleep. Sitting at a table will help keep you alert. Good lighting is also important to avoid eye strain and headache; a desk lamp is an inexpensive investment that will help make your study time efficient.

Keep it Organized

To avoid frantic searches for lost papers or books, everything should have its own place. Protect the time that you are investing in your studies by making sure that everything is put away where it belongs after each study session. In a household with other people, things have a way of getting moved around or lost if they are not put away. Invest in a file cabinet or another type of cabinet that will be used only for your school materials. A filing system is also very useful for keeping notes and papers from individual courses organized.

A quiet, comfortable, well organized place to learn will be invaluable as you continue your online education. Having the materials you need on hand, and easy to find, will make your study time more efficient, which in turn will make you a successful student.

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