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PALS Online Preview - A Course in Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Keeping up with the many certifications required of medical professionals is difficult. And, in the busy lives of our medical workers, it is easy to allow recertification dealines to "creep" up on us. The PALS online certification and recertification course has been created so that professionals can easily complete the program at home, without having to seek out and attend a classroom based program.


The Beginners Guide to Understanding Cardiology

Whether you are a veteran in the field of EMS or just a casual internet browser wanting to learn more about how th human heart works, this article will probably be of interest to you. Take a tour through the anatomy and physiology of the heart, learn the mechanical and electrical pathways, and even learn or update on basic EKG recognition.

ACLS Preview

ACLS in-depth preview

Read an in-depth article on ACLS. Discover what ACLS is about, and how it drastically improves a provider's response to cardiac crisis.

ACLS Online

Take your ACLS or PALS online!

Introducing a more convenient way of obtaining and keeping your ACLS and PALS certifications. Now, you can take both courses completely online!

Medic to Nurse

Can paramedics challenge nursing exams?

A look at a common question many paramedics ask when they begin to look further into their future employment within healthcare. Some of the options Paramedics have when interested in making the transition from Paramedic to Nurse.

EMS Stress

Coping with Stress a Critical EMS Survival Skill

The career of an EMS worker is often short lived. Stress and burnout plague EMTs and Paramedics after just a few years. Without help, many end their careers, in search of something "less stressful". This article outlines causes and coping mechanisms for stress in EMS workers.

Nurse Paramedic

Paramedic to RN - Paramedics stepping out of an ambulance and into an ER

More and more Paramedics are discovering a new career path in nursing through an online educational opportunity now available. In as little as 12 to 18 months, Paramedics can turn their EMS career into a nursing career.

Become an EMT

So You Want to be an EMT?

EMTs respond to emergencies that occur each day, and provide valuable medical care to those in their time of need. By providing expedited care and transport to those in need, EMTs have become a critical part of emergency medicine. This article provides information to those seeking careers in emergency medicine about becoming an EMT. Outlining the role of an EMT, training requirements, history of EMS, and the career outlook for those in EMS.

Paramedic Burnout

EMT and Paramedic Burnout

High stress careers often lead to an early exit in that career. Learning to recognize and manage the stress can help prolong the career and lead to a happier, more productive worker

Become RN

Paramedic to RN?

Outlining questions and concerns about the online Paramedic to RN program, and giving answers to those common questions.

Online Medic to RN

The Paramedic to RN Program - An online degree giving Paramedics an alternative career choice

A look at the process of making the transition from Paramedic to RN. Application and course design information are explained.

What's Next

Beyond Paramedic - Paramedics transitioning into long term health care

A look at how paramedics have changed their direction over the last 40 years. heading into long-term health care is the new trend of paramedics and filling the openings left by a nursing shortage is helping to pave new avenues for paramedics.