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The Paramedic to RN Program - An online degree giving Paramedics an alternative career choice

Something in the world of EMS and Paramedics has emerged in educational options. The Paramedic to RN Program offered completely online, and can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Since the inception of "street" EMS, individuals who have chosen this path as a career have been searching for a way to find advancement in a very limited profession. Though creating several levels of education and providing roles such as the basic EMT, Advanced EMT or EMT-I, and Paramedic certainly helped individuals choose just how much time and education they wanted to devote to this career, until recently, most found themselves quickly capped in advancement at the Paramedic level.

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How the Paramedic to RN program works

The process for a Paramedic to transition to RN is fairly simple. Those interested in taking the program online can simply start by completing The College Network's learning module. This material prepares individuals to "test out" of most courses at a local testing center. Students will take the CLEP, DSST, and Excelsior College Examination, which will provide them college credits and will have never set foot in a classroom. Students can then use those credits towards the Associate of Science in Nursing degree online.

The program is designed to allow Paramedics to study what materials they want, when they want, and then simply pass the equivalency exams to earn your credits. It was developed by leading colleges that recognize the busy lifestyles of students that are already nested in a full time career. It eliminates the old way of education that forced students to sit in a classroom and study coursework that they had already learned in another program.

How do you get started in the Paramedic to RN program?

Getting started is easy, just simply contact The College Network!! By providing some basic information, you will allow a representative to contact you, and get the process going. Once you receive your course material, you'll be on your way to a whole new career in medicine.

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