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Today's paramedics are highly trained individuals who possess a vast knowledge of emergency medicine and work in a variety of medical settings. Many paramedics work for public or private ambulance services or fire departments where their skills and education makes a life and death difference to the people of their community. Paramedics face some of the most difficult challenges in the medical field that are not associated with most medical professions. Emergency scenes can be emotional, dangerous, dirty, cold, hot, confusing and overwhelming; yet, the trained paramedic learns to focus on the patient and treat the injuries or illness with little regard to their own safety or comfort.

Why choose to shift from a Paramedic to RN ?

Unfortunately, the career of a paramedic is very stressful and has a very high "burn-out" rate. Between burn-out and injuries there are many paramedics who have a desire to continue working in the medical field but the stress and highly physical demands of Paramedicine make it impossible to continue with their current career. An online paramedic to rn degree may be just the right answer.

Paramedics already have the medical knowledge and experience to quickly adjust to a position as a rn. The continuing education that is required of all active paramedics keeps them sharp and provides them with the ability to learn quickly and absorb new information. Although many paramedics will tell you that they love their career, they will also admit that advancing further in emergency medicine is difficult, and requires education from an accredited college or university. This process is very difficult for paramedics because of their long work hours and very little free time for family, education, or even simple relaxation.

On average, paramedics may earn from $30,000 per year to $50,000 per year across the United States. While this is certainly far above the average of their basic EMT co-workers, it is not enough of an income to provide a good living for a modern day family. Since a Paramedic is usually considered the highest level of emergency medical training outside of a clinical setting, the opportunities for advancement and increases in household income levels are far fewer than most healthcare professionals can enjoy.

How can you complete the Paramedic to RN program online?

Achieve Test Prep has designed a course that allows you to put your current experience and education to work for you. Through ATP, a Paramedic can attend prep classes for needed college subjects at an accelerated rate. Once the class is complete, students can complete the corresponding exam, and be given college credit for the class. Those credits can then transfer to the college of your choice, gaining you valuable credits toward your RN degree.

9 Achieve Test Prep Advantages:

  1. Fully Accredited or ACEN Accredited Colleges
  2. Up to ½ the Time and Cost of Traditional Programs
  3. No Waiting List
  4. Online or Local Classroom-Based Instructor Led Program
  5. 92% Pass Rate on Exams
  6. Free Books
  7. Convenient, Affordable with Low-Cost Financing Available
  8. No Long Term Contracts Required
  9. Perfect for the untraditional schedules of Paramedic and Fire Service professionals
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