Online Associates Degrees in Public Safety, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, and Criminal Justice

These are academic degrees awarded by junior colleges, community colleges, business colleges, four-year universities and some of the bachelor's degree awarding institutions upon completion of the course. An Associate degree is a three part degree program that takes two years on average to complete.

Normally, the three parts covered in the program encompasses a general education course, main field of study course and an elective class. Upon successful completion of the program, the learners are awarded with a certificate that acknowledges they have completed a conventional undergraduate general education course alongside laying a basic foundation of a main field of study course.

Associate degrees are further categorized into two broad groups namely transfer degrees and professional or career degrees. The transfer degrees allow students to finish all of the general education requirements before transferring to a four year university. Be advised though that not all classes studied as general education will dependably transfer as general education.

These include Associates of Arts degree (A.A.) e.g. degrees in humanities, arts, social sciences and the second category is Associates of Science degrees (A.S.) e.g. natural sciences mathematics, technology etc.

The professional or career degrees are awarded to students who have been allowed to let go part of the general education requirements in order to pursue a more focused course related to their program area. For instance, an Associate in Applied science degree is awarded to students intending to join the workforce after graduation.

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