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Arizona is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the entire United States. It is widely believed that as early as 25,000 BC, indigenous people lived in the region. There are many traces of these prehistoric people throughout the state and cliff dwellings still standing in areas that are so high they're almost inaccessible.

Once owned by Mexico, the U.S. acquired part of the state after the Mexican War in 1848, which then became part of New Mexico. A few years later, the remaining part of Arizona was purchased from Mexico. By 1863, Arizona had become a separate and organized territory, but didn't attain statehood until 1912.

During the 1870's, mining flourished with the discovery of a large copper deposit. And, the discovery of silver at Tombstone in 1877, drew even more prospectors to the area. By the 1880's, sheep ranching had become a major enterprise.

Today, the state supplies over half of the nation's copper and manufacturing and agriculture are very important industries in the state. Tourism is also a major part of Arizona's economy. The Grand Canyon alone draws thousands of visitors to the state each year.

Arizona is home to one of the most famous hospitals in the world, the Mayo Clinic located near Phoenix. The hospital treats over half a million patients each year and specializes in diagnosis and treatments of mysterious medical conditions and other illnesses that are hard to diagnosis.

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