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Once named Columbian College, George Washington University has an exceptionally profound history because it was the desire of our first United States Presidents to see the creation of a college in the District of Columbia. Washington felt so strongly about his wish that he actually bequeathed fifty shares of the Potomac Company, in support of the new school. Many years later, Baptist missionary Luther Rice, began to accumulate funds so that he could acquire the land needed for the new university. The site chosen is now called Meridian Hill. The college's first commencement was in 1824. Attendants were names such as, President Monroe, John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay and Marquis de Lafayette.

During the war many university students left school to help in the Civil War. The college did not lose purpose though because the school became a hospital and barracks for the Confederacy. Well known name Walt Whitman, was one of many that volunteered to help the soldiers that passed through those doors. After the Civil War the college once again opened its doors for educational purpose. In 1904 Columbian University changed its name to the George Washington University with the agreement of the George Washington Memorial Association; the University continues to thrive today.

EMT to BS in EMS Management Online

As one of the premier degree programs offer by George Washington Univerity, the EMT to BS in EMS Management is designed for working EMTs. EMTs and paramedics have long faced a struggle in dealing with working in a career that can quickly lose momentum. Once a paramedic, there has been really no place further to go in advancing a career. Choices in work places become limited by certification or licensing levels and an EMT will find themselves stuck in their place of employment, which can quickly lead to burnout.

George Washington University has developed a plan of action for EMTs facing the theoretical "top of their career ladder". The EMT to BS in EMS Management gives EMTs new hope and offers them a new avenue for advancement. After completion, graduates will have the educational background to step into managerial positions within the emergency medical field they love. Management positions at ambulance services, emergency rooms, fire departments, and emergent care clinics all become real possibilities. EMS Managers are also very qualified to participate in response teams and help coordinate medical responders to unique situations.

The EMT to BS in EMS Management degree is available online, and can compliment current employment and social obligations by allowing a student the ability to complete their course work and exams on the internet. This convenience works out perfectly for working class individuals and has become a very popular educational venue for adults that have commitments.

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