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What is Emergency Management?

By Jamey Perkins
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As the name suggests, Emergency Management is all about planning and co-ordinating resources to ensure the safety of the public. In this respect success in the role is best measured by prevention rather than cure. Emergency managers work behind the scenes planning and co-ordinating actions to ensure that people can live normal lives with minimal risk. This might be the safety control of a major event or inspecting a venue to ensure that it will be safe when put to its intended use.

Forest Fires Handled by Emergency Management

The qualification of a degree in emergency management is intended to give students a good grounding in the skills required to fulfil such a role. Most degree programs allow you to match your skills against the degree program to ensure that you follow the specialism of interest and this in turn prepares you to fulfil a significant management position in many different organizations.

Emergency Management Courses

There are a number of online and faculty based degree courses which will prepare you for a role in emergency management and overseeing safety by ensuring that you have a plan for any event that may happen. Such plans will also need regular updates as new threats develop and old ones diminish.

The continued development of insurgents and other factions intent on disrupting our democratic way of life means that experts on emergency management are increasingly in demand. This threat has meant that more funding has been made available for the public safety industry and the number of available management positions has increased as a result. The challenges of such a role also mean that you will need a significant level of education to match the cunning and guile of the opposition.

Once you have a qualification in emergency management then you have the skills to run a public safety organization. The skills required include budgeting, communicating, law enforcement and business and all these skills are combined in the best emergency management courses.

Is it for you?

Consider the natural skills that you have and think carefully if such a role will give you the challenge and reward that you seek. If you are organized, logical and have a high attention to detail then this could be just what you are looking for in a career. You should also be concerned for the welfare of other people and really want to make a difference. If you already have a qualification in a related field such as criminal justice or law enforcement then credits may be available to transfer onto a suitable Bachelor's degree in public safety.