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Career opportunities in law enforcement are increasing in the US, both in number and in the types of positions that are available. We continue to need more law enforcement professionals in local police and sheriff departments, in private security and as private investigators. Law enforcement professionals are also needed in crime scene investigation, in the court system, computer forensics, fraud investigation and other areas both within and outside of the justice system.

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Most law enforcement professionals today have at least an Associate Degree, which prepares them for entry level positions in local police forces and sheriffís offices, private investigation or security firms and similar organizations. They learn about crime scene management, investigation, interviewing witnesses, evidence analysis, police operations, crime prevention, and emergency response procedures.

For some people, an Associate Degree is their entry into the law enforcement profession. For others, it is a way to validate their skill and experience so they can advance in their already-established law enforcement careers. For still others, itís the first step toward a career in law enforcement leadership, education or specialization that will require further education. If you think you may continue your education in the future, itís important to make sure that the Associate Degree program you choose is designed to allow transfer into a Bachelorís Degree program.

Why choose online education?

Most people who pursue an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement are working adults who have full lives. Work, family, community and recreational activities fill up their time, leaving little left for career advancement. Work schedules often require shift rotation and variable days off, making it difficult to take traditional classes at fixed times. Online education provides the flexibility that working adults must have in order to take classes.

Todayís online classes have pod cast lectures, presentations and a wealth of other components. Online education is rich and interesting. Students donít sacrifice the element of group learning, either; classes usually include forums, chat rooms and other ways for students to interact with each other and the instructors.

Another advantage of online education is that the courses are designed for adult learning, while traditional classes are designed with a pedagogical (child-focused) model. Itís easier for adults to learn in adult-oriented classes.

Finding a school you can trust

Unfortunately, not all online law enforcement schools are the same. Frankly, some are "diploma mills," and degrees from those colleges are considered fraudulent. Recently, several high-ranking government officials have lost their jobs because they listed diploma mill degrees on resumes. Most people donít know how to tell the difference between a legitimate online law enforcement program and a fraudulent one.

The schools you find here are all legitimate, accredited and respected programs that lead to an Associate of Science in Law Enforcement. We have pre-screened these schools for you and list only the ones that are accredited and will provide an excellent education. You can select any of these schools and be confident that you are making a career-enhancing decision.

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