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The world is not the same as it was when our parents were responsible for society. Terrorism, industrial incidents, mass transit problems and many other occurrences have changed our world forever. Our responsibility now is to prepare our children and grandchildren to handle and recover from current problems and future occurrences.

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Public Safety has many facets. Public safety officials include the 911 dispatchers, police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, Emergency planning officials (Civil Defense) and even the lay person who has gotten involved with local rescue and support groups. The potential to rise in the ranks among these careers is unlimited. You could become the director of the 911 offices in your area, there by being in charge of and implementing policies that govern the first point of contact that an individual may have with the public safety sect. You could become the Chief of Police of a police department or a Fire Chief of your fire department.

You may be interested in working at the higher level of planning and preparedness at either the local or national level. Public Administration officials are responsible for planning and preparing for an incident or crisis that either occurs because of mother nature, or is man made.

Learn to develop plans, to gather resources, manipulate the resources to best fit the incident, and to place the actual plan in action when a crisis occurs. Learn how to assist the public in recovering from a crisis and then redevelop plans to either prevent the incident from repeating or minimizing casualties should a crisis develop. With a degree in Public Administration you will be comfortable in developing these plans and mitigating the response when you are called upon.

You may take courses in administration of finances that will teach you how to develop financial plans and understand government budgeting. Courses can teach you how to obtain funding to put public safety awareness programs in place.

Some courses may cover statistics and geographical area considerations to assist you with identifying potential problem areas and fending off a crisis or major accident.

Part of your responsibility as a Public Safety official is to educate the public in awareness, not only from terrorist attacks but common every day items such as falls or fire hazards. You will gain the knowledge in developing these public awareness campaigns that will protect the public you serve.

Public Administration officials have to be able to manage large groups of people. You have to be able to pick the managers and coordinators that will assist you in reaching your goals and the goal that is the most important, “Protection of the Public”. By furthering your education you may take courses in interpersonal communications, time management, planning and professional development. These classes will assist you in obtaining your career goals.

What Career's are Available?

  • Emergency Medical Manager
  • Fire Service Manager
  • Public Safety Answering Point Administrator
  • Emergency Planning Director
  • Police Chief
  • State and Federal Jobs with Homeland Security

And the list grows every day. The Department of Labor expects the field of Public Safety Administration to grow faster than any other industry through 2014.

Earning potentials are governed by several factors, experience, and capabilities as well as various levels of education. The average mean income for managers in public safety is around $40,000 to $58,000 annually depending upon location and the employer. Advancing your education can only secure your future within your career field.

Imagine being in charge of a large public safety agency, during your tenure you developed mitigation and recovery plans for your department. You are watching the news one night and see where a major incident has occurred and you find it was in the location that you served and lo and behold they say the plan you developed worked perfectly and casualties were minimized and property loss was kept to a minimum. You are a hero and it all began because you chose to become a Public Safety Administrator.

Now is the time to secure your future and the future of coming generations by seeking the best way to avoid crisis or accidents. With a degree in Public Safety Administration you will gain the knowledge to manage your agency and leave your mark on society.

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