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Protecting our country has become a top priority among Americans. Individuals trained in various safety and security measures are among the most highly sought after in governmental agencies and municipal response teams. Since 9/11, a great focus has been placed on all levels of homeland security and emergency response. Individuals with training in planning, organizing, response, and tactical areas are all in high demand, and are finding long term careers within the Federal, State, and local government systems.

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Students seeking to make a career in Homeland Security or Emergency Planning have options available that are convenient for today's working class individuals. Since many individuals today have already entered the workplace environment, only to learn that a higher education is required for many career paths, they find themselves looking for flexible programs that can fit into their busy work schedules and lifestyles. An online degree program is an answer to that problem, and affords many adults the opportunity to obtain their degree, even when they feel they do not have the time available to attend college.

The focus of the online Associates Degree in Homeland Security is to teach students basic planning and implementing techniques that are geared toward national security and emergency responses. It teaches students leadership and teamwork skills that are key ingredients to success in emergency related careers. Along with these attributes, students will learn such skills as organizing, public relations, and logistics.

Graduates of an online Associates of Homeland Security degree program have bright futures in a rewarding career ahead of them. With career paths available in all levels of government, as well as municipal response teams, graduates can choose among a wide variety of positions, such as civil defense, criminal justice, tactical response teams, law enforcement, emergency planning, and Homeland Security. Careers within the Department of Homeland Security allow individuals to enter into a new and evolving career, and become part of the future of America's security and defense.

Salary ranges are wide spread, depending on the career choice of the graduate. While local and municipal careers can be the most rewarding, because of the hands on nature of most positions, it is the higher governmental agencies that will tend to offer higher pay and benefits. A wide open job outlook can be expected at all levels, and the possibilities for advancement are great.

Educational choices for individuals seeking an Associates Degree in Homeland Security can vary, but students seeking an accredited degree program that allows them to attend their studies completely online have several choices available. These schools offer Associates Degrees through distance education programs that students can do from the comfort of their home, and at the time schedule they choose.

Take a closer look at some of the schools offering these programs. Request more information from any, or all of the schools available. By receiving more information today, you will be preparing your future for success!

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