Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigation

Perhaps one of the most thankless jobs in law enforcement is the role of the Crime Scene Investigator. The dedication they must be willing to apply to their job and the hard work they commit, often times goes without notice. However, in an interview with one Crime Scene Investigator, it was discovered that most are completely satisfied with their job and find it to be one of the most rewarding careers. The job of the Crime Scene Investigator is one that provides the investigator with gratification that comes with “solving the puzzle” and by discovering the evidence needed to capture and get keep criminals off the streets.

Job outlook for Criminal Investigators

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree can expect to find positions in crime scene investigation, fraud investigation, computer crime, detention, Homeland Security, counterterrorism, juvenile justice, public safety, and private investigations to name a few.

The demand for these positions remains very high, and due to the increasing complexity in how many investigations are now conducted, those holding higher degrees are the most sought after. More and more crimes are now solved with the aid of advanced technology such as DNA and macrobiotics. Such tactics require investigators to obtain higher education and to demonstrate the types of commitment and patience needed to conduct a thorough investigation.

Obtaining your degree

The Bachelor in Crime Scene Investigation Degree covers areas such as: the philosophy and development of the criminal justice system, field techniques and research methods, criminal offenses, criminal law, and criminal culpability. With an emphasis in crime scene investigation other courses you can expect to complete are crime scene investigation, crime scene photography, forensic fingerprint analysis, forensic chemistry, trace evidence analysis, and forensic biology and impressions.

Although traditional campus based courses are a viable option, many students seeking a Bachelor degree have already established a status in a law enforcement field and are seeking to advance that career with higher education. With this in mind, many colleges have become aware of the need for convenience in education and have created online degree programs. An online Bachelor in Crime Scene Investigation may just the solution for many of these individuals, and provides them with the ability to complete their degree at home, while maintaining their career.

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