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Behind the arrest and conviction of any perpetrator is the investigation to find the facts and proof of the acts they have committed. Without this important investigation many criminals would remain free and not receive justice for the crimes they have committed. Or worse, an innocent person could be convicted wrongly. Thus, the role of a Criminal Investigator is one of the most important positions within the criminal justice system and is in high demand.

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A criminal investigator can perform many different functions within many different fields. Employment can be found as a fingerprint technician, print examiner, evidence technician, forensic science consultant, or private investigator. Many people assume that a criminal investigator can only be employed within a police capacity, but there are many more opportunities available to the graduate. Job opportunities are available within hospitals, universities, insurance companies, laboratories, medical examiner offices, homicide divisions, local, state or federal governments, arson investigation units and much more.

College is no longer just for students who are just completing high school. Today many adults wish to go to college but are unsure how they can juggle a full course schedule with full time employment. Online classes make it possible for the working person to attend college without having to work around their employment. With online course you can work on your degree when it is convenient for you from the comfort of your own home.

Online courses provide the student with the same quality of education as campus based courses. They provide the same training and skill level without the hassle of driving to a campus and spending hours in a classroom each day. You can access your courses from your home computer and work on your assignments and studies anytime, day or night. Online courses also provide a great deal of support to their students via phone, email, chat rooms, and forums. Student interaction is still a vital part of the continuing education process and online courses promote that interaction.

Another fear that the potential student has is how to pay for their college education. Once you have determined which college is best for you, contact their financial aid office. Many students qualify for State and Federal grants that do not have to be paid back. If the grants are not enough to pay for the full tuition, then student loans are available to nearly all of the population regardless of your income level. Students do not begin repaying their loans until six months after they stop attending college, and are very low interest loans. Finances are no longer an excuse for not attending college. Many options are available to you and can be explored through any college financial office.

How do you know which colleges are reputable? We only list reputable, accredited colleges on this site. There are numerous "diploma mills" out there today that promise you a quality education. If a college is not properly accredited then the money and time that you spend on your degree may be wasted. Make sure to ask about a college's national accreditation before attending any college.

If you would like to be a key component in criminal investigations and the justice system, feel free to request further information from one or more of the accredited college that we have listed for you. Take that first step toward a rewarding career today!

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Programs: BS in Criminal Justice in Crime Scene Investigation Master of Law: International Legal Studies Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security And more...
Programs: Associate of Science in Crime Scene Technology Master of Arts in Homeland Security Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice And more...
Locations:  Lakeland
Programs: Denver - Doctor of Management - Homeland Security Denver - Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice: Forensic Investigation Denver - Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice: Human Services And more...
Locations:  Englewood
Programs: Criminal Justice (11-Month Diploma Program)
Locations:  Fresno
Programs: Accounting Fraud Investigation, BBA Internal Auditing, GRC
Locations:  Lansing
Programs: Criminal Justice
Locations:  Summerdale
Programs: AAS in Justice Studies - Criminal Justice BS in Justice Studies - Criminal Justice
Locations:  New York
Programs: Criminal Justice
Locations:  Wilmington
Programs: Criminal Justice - Bachelor's
Locations:  Richmond
Programs: Criminal Justice - Associate in Specialized Business
Locations:  Allentown

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