Online Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Cyber Crime

Technology has brought about many new advances that benefit us as a nation. Unfortunately, it has also helped to encourage a new type of criminal element in our society. Allowing criminal to reach their victims from as far away as other countries, the Internet has opened a new gateway for the invasion of criminals into society. Credit card theft, identity theft, cyber stalking, embezzlement, hacking, and even gambling are just a few of the most common cyber crimes committed.

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What an online Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice with emphasis on Cyber Crime teaches students

Graduates of the program will walk away with a firm understanding in the areas of just a few of the following:

  • Digital information recovery
  • Computer Operations and Security
  • Online Investigation Techniques
  • Data Recovery and Encryption
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Investigative Software

Students will also learn how to work within the vast nature of the Internet, and how to recognize cyber crimes as they appear. Successful students will have gained the knowledge and skills needed to pursue criminals on the Internet, as well as recover enough evidence to lead to successful prosecution of offenders.

Where can an online Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Cyber Crime take you?

Graduates of this course will be prepared for entry level positions at all levels of Federal, State, and local Law Enforcement, as well as private investigations, and even various security services. Students may also find careers in task force operations designed to specifically fight cyber crimes, and to intervene before another victim is created.

As technology makes advances, and the use of such things as the Internet becomes more widespread, so will the actions of those that commit cyber crimes. This leads to a higher demand for trained law enforcement officials in specific areas such as cyber crime. The job market is expanding greatly, and there is no sign of it slowing down. As the demand increases, higher salaries can be expected respectfully.

What schools offer the Bachelor Degrees in Cyber Crime online and why should you take it online?

Attending a degree program online is not only very convenient for most working adult students, but it also allows students to focus their energy on other important areas of life, such as family, work, and social activities. Online degree programs offer students the ability to maintain an active lifestyle, and still be able to advance their education.

While there are a great many choices in schools offering the program, the number of schools that offer this program online is vastly different. Currently, the program is seeing a large growth in online popularity, and it is expected that more schools will quickly follow suit and meet the need for more online courses.

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