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Everest University Online is accredited through the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools which is recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. They offer many degrees online including: Criminal Justice, Criminal Investigation, Homeland Security and Legal Assistant/Paralegal.

Choosing an online college or university can be a very difficult choice. There are many factors that a student should consider before registering with any college. The most important is accreditation. You already know that Everest University Online is accredited, so what other benefits do they offer to make them stand out over other universities?

Everest University Online offers a distinguished faculty that possesses a combination of a Masters or PhD as well as years of professional experience. This combination provides the students with a professor that is knowledgeable, well versed and skilled in their topics. This university also offers live student support 24/7. The online student studies when it is convenient for them, so it's important to have a contact available at all times if questions arise.

Students who wish to obtain a degree online generally do so because they have responsibilities that do not allow them to attend a campus several days a week. Everest University Online offers flexible hours and the ability to work on your studies at times that benefit you. However, you will have the same semester time in which to complete your course as does a campus based student. This allows the student to complete their courses at a more leisurely pace than a college that expects you to complete it in half the time.

Everest University Online also offers its students Career Placement Services. Upon completion of your degree, the university will assist you with resume building, interview skills and finding job opportunities in your area. Everest has campuses across the country and employers are usually knowledgeable about the quality of Everest graduates.

If you are looking for an education in Criminal Justice, Criminal Investigation, Homeland Security, or Paralegal, request information today from Everest University Online. Information is free and will help you decide if this is the college for you!

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