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Paramedics Make Good Nurses

For years, paramedics have been providing outstanding care in an emergency setting. Their skills and techniques in the field are challenged only by experienced professionals, like surgeons, emergency physicians, and ICU practitioners, and those working in advanced trauma settings. One important area of expertise that paramedics rarely venture into is that of long term or extended care.

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When a paramedic is called to manage a patient, he has a very limited amount of time to put his training to work and to care for that patient. Often times, a paramedic will arrive at a patient’s side, provide the needed care, and have the patient transported to an emergency room in under 30 minutes. This is hardly considered long term care, and the care that some patients need for the next days, weeks, months, or even years, is not something that a paramedic is associated with.

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Paramedics versus nurses in long term care

As already mentioned, a paramedic cannot be considered a specialist when it comes to providing patient care for longer than what is needed just for stabilization and transport to an emergency department. Their extensive training barely even touches on the topic, and rightfully so considering the definition of a paramedic.

Nurses are provided training in virtually every aspect of healthcare. While their experience in emergency procedures and care is often limited by opportunity, nurses are considered the very best individuals to provide care to patients on a long term basis. Whether it is in clinics, hospitals, extended care facilities, or even home health care, a patient could not ask for better care than to have a nurse at their side.

Although diverse, most education initially provided to a registered nurse is guided towards long term care of patients. They study extensively in clinical pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, geriatrics, and procedural care that patients may need on a more regular basis. It is this extensive training and background that makes nurses the perfect solution when it comes to aiding patients, often times, for the rest of the patients life.

Why do paramedics make such great nurses?

Because of the lengthy training and work experience in emergency care of patients, paramedics that become nurses bring their strong history of initial care with them. After receiving a nursing license, a paramedic can be a more well-rounded patient care provider and can enter into nursing with an education in not only long term care, but with education and on the job experience to manage even the most dire emergency situations.

A paramedic transitioned into nursing can become a great nurse in all facets of nursing, but their previous expertise can help them especially in areas such as ICU nursing, trauma nursing, emergency room nurse, and even advanced respiratory care. While a good nursing education prepares a graduate to work in almost every field of nursing, a nurse with an extensive history in emergency care can find themselves in particular demand.

How can a paramedic become a nurse?

Achieve Test Prep has created a program, to help a Paramedic complete the educational requirements to become a registered nurse. By working with ATP, a Paramedic can receive the needed study materials, work with other students and an instructor in the classroom, and prepare to test out of classes required in the registered nurse degree program. The best part of it all is: a Paramedic can complete the course, and become a nurse much faster than taking the nursing program through traditional college courses!