We need your Police, Fire, and EMS Stories!

All of us that work in Emergency Services have our fair share of stories to tell. Whether it was the practical joke played on a co-worker, or the run about the cat in a tree that took 3 departments to retrieve, they are stories that we talk about while sitting around the station, and the stories we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We want to hear them!

If we like them, we will publish it on our Public Safety Stories Blog, featuring stories from around the nation from professionals just like yourself.

Things to remember!

  1. All stories must meet legal guidelines, including Federal, State, and Local laws. This includes HIPPA.
  2. Once submitted, we have the right to edit your story to ensure it DOES meet legal requirements.
  3. We only want true stories! Please do not go making something up, just to have a chance to see your name in print on the Internet.
  4. Do not include real names in your story. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a fake name in your story. In fact, in some cases, we may change the name in a story if we suspect it could lead to infringement on confidentiality rights. This includes such things as names of establishments, emergency providers, etc. You know what we are getting at here.

Ok, ready to tell us your story? Use the form below to contact us. Please DO NOT send your story in the form. Simply send us a note to let us know that you want to submit, and a short explanation of what your story is about. We will then contact you with an email address that you can send your story to.

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