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Boston University has a vast history and was founded in 1839. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in a Boston University Laboratory in 1876. They were also the founders of the first female medical college in the United States when they opened the New England Female Medical College in 1848. Those are only two examples of the history making milestones that are a part of Boston University and its grand history. They are accredited with The New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. and offer many programs to their students including (but by no means limited to): Master of Criminal Justice, Master of Science Project Management, and Master Business Continuity, Security and Risk Management.

Boston University also has some of the best teachers in the country, boasting that they currently have four Noble Prize winners as teachers: Sheldon Glashow (1979, Physics), Elie Wiesel (1986, Peace), Derek Wolcott (1992, Literature), and Osamu Shimomura (2008, Chemistry). Martin Luther King, Jr. received his PhD from Boston University in 1955 and also received the Noble Peace Prize in 1964. His papers, records and manuscripts are located at the Universities Mugar Memorial Library.

Boston University is surrounded and built upon its history and prestige. For students who are looking for a University that will offer more than just a degree then this may be the school for you. The size of the school as well as the technological advances available on campus, affords the students with many opportunities that may not be found at other universities.

Paralegal Certificate Online

The role of a Paralegal/Legal Assistant is certainly one of great importance. Jobs as a Paralegal are on the rise, and researchers calculate that it will grow by an astounding 20% in the next 10 years. Boston University is meeting the challenge of educating more Paralegals and Legal Assistants by offering their program online. Online programs allow schools to not only cater to working adults, but also to expand their own student base.

Online Master of Science in Criminal Justice

The criminal element in the world is constantly changing and reinventing itself. The only way to consistently fight crime is to change and evolve with it by providing new training, ideas, and skills. Boston University stands ready to meet those needs, by creating a MS in Criminal Justice degree program that can be completed online. The online degree program allows those already working in criminal justice to continue their battle while updating and expanding their knowledge, through education.

Online MS Security and Risk Management

We never know when things could happen to disrupt normal business operations. Being ready to handle any sort of scenario is of great importance, and essential to keeping business and economy moving in a positive direction. The online Master of Security and Risk Management degree program teaches students the advanced knowledge needed to combat these disruptions, and provides them the tools they need to, not only help to prevent, but also to deal with problems as they occur.

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