Master Degrees in Public Safety, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, and Criminal Justice

A Master degree is a post graduate academic degree that takes anything between 1-3 years to be conferred. It is basically an additional two more years past the bachelor degree. It is an advanced study unlike an undergraduate program, which requires students to undertake classes on specific fields of studies. Additionally, students perform comprehensive researches and in some cases may be required to prepare a scholarly thesis that reflects their research findings.

The main reasons why people undertake masters degrees is to enhance their knowledge on their original degree, or to become specialists, to change professional field of study, and sometimes to advance in order to get promotions, pay rises etc. basically, a masters allows you to develop proficiency in new fields, or to hone already acquired skills.

Just like undergraduate bachelors degree, masters degrees are offered in many varied fields but the most common designations in Masters Degrees are MA (Masters of Arts) and MS (Master of Science). Be advised that whether you earn an MS or an MA depends on the institution of learning you are attending and not really on the academic requirements you must fulfill. The two only differ in name but not in status or educational requirement.

A Master Degree program involves classes, analogous to undergraduate classes, and the only difference being how the classes are conducted. Normally, they are conducted in seminars with very detailed discussions between the lecturers and learners.

The requirements to undertake a master degree program varies depending on the institutions of learning. But generally, an acceptable score on an admission test, as well as having completed at least an undergraduate degree and/or relevant working experience.

A master degree provides a high-order outline of a particular area of career practice. Undertaking a masters degree will open doors for other exciting career opportunities; opportunities that are financially, professionally and personally fulfilling.

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Programs: Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security MS Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership Master of Business Administration: Criminal Justice And more...
Programs: Master of Arts in Homeland Security Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
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