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Fire Science Degree

A Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Science provides the graduate with numerous choices in career fields. A graduate can expect to find positions in the following areas dependent on their choice of emphasis: fire fighter, fire safety officer, hazardous materials specialist, fire protection systems designer, fire-officer/chief-officer, or emergency planner. This degree is designed to provide the student with all certifications necessary to enter the fire science field as well as to advance within that field to higher positions and improved pay grades.

The need for fire service personnel is always in demand. No matter what the economic times are, there will always be people in need of assistance and/or help. Population increases continue to put a greater demand upon emergency services. Many daily incidents including fires, accidents, emergency medical responses, as well as natural disasters, including: floods, forest fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., put a strain on our emergency service providers. However, this also provides for a career in which there is always a demand for anyone educated in fire sciences.

A B.S. in Fire Science also opens the degree holder to other "outside of the box" careers that are a little less physically stressful. For example, most insurance companies employee fire investigators, who respond after a report of a home, business or auto fire. These people work directly with insurance customers, fire departments and Arson investigators to determine if a claim is fraudulent or natural in occurrence. While this career is not what some people may consider while looking at obtaining a degree in Fire Science it is a well paid position (according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median salary is $55,000) that offers a graduate an alternative to use their degree.

Wages for B.S. in Fire Science Degree graduates varies greatly depending on the position obtained, the state, department, or location worked in, and the experience obtained. For these reasons, it would be recommended to contact local employers of these types of positions to inquire as to pay scale for specific positions, or you may look at for further salary inquires.

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