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Paramedic to RN Bridge Online

Submitted by on July 2, 2010 – 2:48 pmNo Comment
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Health care is always changing, and Emergency Medical Services is never left out of these changes. New education and skills become available, new positions are created, and new avenues for employment open up almost daily.

The role of a Paramedic in today’s EMS structure is at the top of the employment ladder. In the past, this has been because the Paramedic has extensive training in advanced procedures that other levels of EMS workers simply did not have available. Now, much of that has changed. EMTs at virtually every level have education and skills available to perform those advanced procedures, tightening the scope of practice between those levels.

Closing the gap between Paramedics and long term health care

Where does this leave Paramedics? The Paramedic to RN Bridge online is helping to close the gap between Paramedics and long term health care. As basic EMT levels receive the training that was once only available to a Paramedic, it allows Paramedics to look further into health care. Making this option available to Paramedics not only helps solve staff shortages in long term care, but it also enters in a new king of nursing professional: One that has the experience in handling emergency situations in virtually every type of setting.

The online Paramedic to RN Bridge program made available by The College Network and Excelsior College offers Paramedics the chance to enter a nursing industry that, before now, was just simply not available. A Paramedic can now finally use the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout their career and training towards an accredited nursing program, thus shortening the RN program so that a Paramedic can become an RN in as little as 1 year.

What does this do for EMS and health care?

The Paramedic to RN Bridge seems to be giving health care another inlet in finding qualified professionals. It opens doors in long term care to professionals that were never before available. Previously, the idea of an EMT or Paramedic transitioning into nursing meant they had to basically start from scratch in terms of education. The Paramedic to RN Bridge finally recognizes the training and hard work that Paramedics have put into their career, and rewards them with an education and a whole new career.

The Paramedic to RN Bridge offers benefits in every aspect of providing health care to Americans. Patients benefit because of a decreased nurse to patient ratio, nurses benefit because some of their huge job load can be reduced by having more nurses in the industry, Paramedics are no longer at the end of their role in medicine and can find new careers, and basic EMTs see their scope expanding into areas never before available.
Paramedic to RN Bridge
Are you a Paramedic that is now ready to move on to a new career in nursing? Contact the College Network today!

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