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The Eyes of Evil

Submitted by on August 20, 2009 – 2:48 amNo Comment
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I was coming home from an off duty uniformed security job through my police department, and had just stopped at a friends house who was also a police officer and had been discussing the days events. He told me that he was glad it was me and not him having to sit in the hot sun and roast in my bulletproof vest and class “A” uniform for a bunch of drunks playing music. I thanked him, mumbling something about his hair falling out, when we both heard the police radio crack open with intense chatter about a pursuit headed into our county. The location was about five miles from where I was parked. I was on my way home and had just picked up an anniversary present for my wife and stuck it in the back seat of my car. I just looked at my friend and without a word he gave me a nod, meaning be careful because I know what you are about to do.

I headed in the direction of the pursuit and got into a position about two miles from where the lead vehicle was calling the chase. “Shots fired…he is continuing to fire at police vehicles…use caution.” I placed my vehicle sideways in the road with enough room the fleeing driver would have to use the shoulder of the road to get by if he wanted. The radio cracked again, “high powered semi-automatic weapons…he is firing high powered rounds…use caution!” I radioed my position to the lead chase vehicle and was told to get some cover, he had rammed other vehicles and had fired on police already. I took a position a few feet behind my car, drew my Sig Sauer P220 and aimed toward the oncoming lights. I could see red and blue flashing lights directly behind the SUV that was being chased. From my position, I couldn’t fire at the vehicle without endangering the officers directly behind it. I quickly re-evaluated my position and realized I needed more cover.

The driver of the SUV aimed his vehicle directly at my car and I retreated to the ditch, trying to get away from my car in case he struck it. As I got to the ditch, the SUV suddenly swerved around onto the shoulder trying to get around my vehicle. That is when I saw the barrel of the gun pointing right at me. It was the barrel of a black AR-15. I didn’t hear the sirens, I didn’t hear the rims grinding on the road from where the SUV had hit stop sticks and lost all tread off the tires. And the eyes, eyes that looked as if they were charcoal, there was nothing in them. I saw no feeling, no remorse, nothing but hate. Those eyes were evil, and it is something that I will never forget.

As the SUV went by me and I began to see the parade like procession of police cars going by, I got up from my wonderful ditch and got back to my car. I heard one of the chase cars ask for someone to check an officer who was stopped a few miles from my position, who had taken fire from the SUV. I headed that direction and found the squad car sitting on the side of the road with the officer in the driver seat. I asked him if he was alright and he never looked at me but affirmed that he was indeed alright. I then noticed the bullet hole in the car door that had gone through the head rest of the driver seat. The officer looked at me and said he had reached over to the passenger seat to get his rifle when he took fire. That one little act saved his life.

I then went to a location that other chase vehicles advised they thought the SUV had stopped and let someone out. I proceeded to that area and exited my car near a cemetery and church. I noticed the church had been fired upon also, but there were no cars in the area and the church was dark with the doors locked. I walk around the area listening and watching, when I heard a noise coming from behind me. I saw a truck and I advised the driver not to move and to show me his hands. Not wanting to get shot, I heard a loud, fearful voice call back to me, “dude, it’s me – Hot Dog, I am here to back you up.” Hot Dog was the nickname of one of our town marshal reserves, and man was I ever glad to see him!

We cleared the area and went back to the scene where the chase ended. Both subjects in the vehicle were dead from gunshot wounds. The police and Coroner’s Office would later determine that the driver shot the eight-teen year old female passenger who had been shooting at police while the driver tried to get away, and when he saw that was not going to happen he shot her and then shot himself.

I wondered out loud to the lead officers who saw the entire chase, why the guy didn’t fire at me when he passed my car on the road while I was in the ditch? I got my reply. “He did!” He was pulling the trigger as he passed me but the officer directly behind the SUV had seen that the gun didn’t fire. He then saw the driver trying to get the gun un-jammed. A later check of the weapon found it to be “stove piped”, it had a fired round jammed in the chamber and it would not eject. The driver had fired the last round from it when he shot the police cruiser where the officer had leaned over the get his rifle, and tried to shoot me but couldn’t.

I thanked God that night and called my wife, who sometimes listened to the police scanner we have at home, this night she had not been listening. I let her know that everything was alright and I would be home soon. I couldn’t help but to think of the problems I would have had explaining how her anniversary present was destroyed because I was out “playing police officer” as it was so affectionately called by friends and family.

By Rick S.

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