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Law Enforcement Deserves Recognition

Submitted by on July 11, 2010 – 7:22 pmNo Comment
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By Jamey Perkins

Being a police officer in today’s USA is a tough job. The obstacles that face an officer every day are just incredible. Each day, officers literally risk their lives in what seems to be a losing battle to put a halt to the overwhelming crime that plagues our society.

Murder, robbery, sexual assault, kidnappings, and the seemingly never-ending flow of illegal drugs into our culture are just a small tip of some of the burdens that we ask our law enforcement to save us from on a daily basis. We ask them to do it for what many consider to be a shameful salary in comparison to the work they do, and all the while, we ask them to do it in the face of constant criticism.

Why do police officers do their jobs?

As many of us sit in the comfort of our home, we have to realize that out on the streets, police officers are there watching over us and making sure we are safe. Knowing what could lie in wait for them, we have to ask ourselves “Why do they do it?” They cannot possibly do it for the pay. Law Enforcement officers in the USA are among some of the lowest paid public servants in the country. In many areas, their income levels remain below the national poverty levels. Surely it is not for recognition. The news reports over the last few years are filled with slanderous allegations of corruption and threats against all of our police officers. It isn’t just for self fulfillment. While the job certainly entitles an officer to be very proud of what they do, it just can’t be the sole reason one would endure the hazardous environment they work in each day.

If you ask most any officer, they will tell you very plainly why they continue to do the job they do. They do it because of a desire they have had since they were young to help society and to help put a stop to the pain, suffering, and grief that engulfs many Americans every day. They do it because there are people in trouble, and they want nothing more than to help relieve them of their problems. Officers will tell you that despite the dangers of their jobs, the low pay rates, and the constant complaints of criminals and criminal proponents of our culture, they still feel as though they have the best jobs in the world. They are proud of the work they do, and proud of having the ability to make a difference in the lives of fellow citizens. They will tell you that the satisfaction of taking another criminal off our streets can be unmatched by anything else, and as long as crime continues to be a problem in our world, they will continue to wake up every morning and anxiously return to work the streets to ensure our safety.

Are law enforcement officers making a difference?

Crime in the USA seems nearly out of control. With the constant barrage of reports from our media, it seems as though our police are fighting a losing battle. But, is it really a losing battle?

Each year, the Federal Bureau of Investigations publishes the reports from a Uniform Crime Reporting Program that was first established in 1929. These publications provide an in-depth look at the effectiveness of how well our society is being policed.

According to the Uniform Crime Report of 2009, the latest publication, our law enforcement officers are not only doing their job well, but they are succeeding in reducing crime at nearly every level. According to this most recent report, violent crimes were reduced by 5.5%. Also in this publication, property crimes were reduced by 4.9% and arson saw a downtrend of over 10%! One disturbing trend seen in recent publications is a significant rise in the number of crimes committed in association with illicit drug abuse and sales. This data implies that while the overall fight against crime has been a substantial success, police are now fighting a losing battle against the sale and use of illegal drugs that overshadow the real effectiveness of our law enforcement. If we as a nation could somehow get a firm control over drug abuse in the USA, the hard work that police have put into their jobs would be brought clearly into light. This would cast undeniable evidence that our police are effective and the training and hard work they have gone through for so many years is paying off.

Recognition for our public servants

Each day, our police officers step onto the street with the threat of violence and assault against them. Aside from this, new threats have been publicized against our law enforcement officers by drug cartels based outside of our own country. There is a very telling tale in these threats. Our law enforcement officials are now seemingly doing their job well enough that the criminals responsible for passing illegal drugs into our country are scared, and they are scared enough that they are forced to threaten violence against our officers, in order to continue their criminal activities.

We as citizens of the USA have a lot to be thankful for. Our law enforcement is among the very best in the world, and despite what it appears on the surface, they are doing their job effectively and with proficiency. It is time we put a halt to narrow-minded thinking that we will never get a grasp on crime. Over the years they have proven that they can do the jobs we ask, and as long as they can receive the support needed from the very citizens they risk their lives for, they will continue the uphill climb in reducing crime and making our country a safer place for us to carry on our daily lives.

Today would be a great day to thank an officer that you know. Just let them know that they are appreciated, and that they still have our support.

If you or someone you know is thinking of entering a career in law enforcement, consider some of the online schools that offer law enforcement degrees. Options are available, and those that have always wanted to step up and help prevent crime, can take advantage of those options.

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