Is Your Paramedic Career Stalled?
December 17, 2012 – 5:30 pm | No Comment

Life in Emergency Medical Services is one of the most rewarding careers in public safety. But, as with any career, you need to have room for advancement. Without advancement opportunities, a career can begin to …

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“Pearls of Wisdom” from an Emergency Worker
March 11, 2010 – 7:22 pm | No Comment

The longer we work in EMS or fire suppression there are pearls of wisdom acquired along the way. These pearls can not be found in any textbooks. These Pearls come from a reader and …

Whos Face Was The Most Red?
March 7, 2010 – 3:31 pm | No Comment
Whos Face Was The Most Red?

One of the many jobs our small 16 man municipal fire department was to do maintenance on all 138 hydrants in our district. This included greasing,sanding,tagging and painting each hydrant with a high gloss oil …

Not The Average Hospital Transport
November 13, 2009 – 6:24 pm | No Comment
Not The Average Hospital Transport

By Jamey Perkins
In 1999 I was in the midst of transporting a cardiac patient from a small rural hospital to a larger hospital that was more capable of taking care of their particular cardiac problem. …

Alligators in Indiana
October 23, 2009 – 6:06 pm | No Comment
Alligators in Indiana

By Jamey Perkins
It was a dark and stormy night. Ok, it was dark and raining lightly. My partner and I, working for a county ambulance service, were sent approximately 20 miles to a home very …

The Stressful Life of an Emergency Worker
October 13, 2009 – 4:08 am | No Comment

By Jamey Perkins
Anyone that works “The Streets” will have a great deal of stories of things other than routine job related runs or emergency calls. What a lot of people do not realize is that …

Helicopter vs. Cornfield
September 30, 2009 – 1:24 am | No Comment
Helicopter vs. Cornfield

By Jamey Perkins
I was working for a small town in West Central Indiana as an Emergency Medical Technician when I was dispatched to a rural area of the county for a helicopter crash. Although not …