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Your Actions Reflect on Us All

Submitted by on July 14, 2010 – 2:24 pmNo Comment
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By Jamey Perkins

Having just read a newly published article on a small town newspaper, I am saddened. The report states that an investigation is underway against an EMT for an alleged sexual battery. Granted, in the USA people are innocent until proven guilty; I can’t help but feel shame. I feel shame not only of the reported incident, but also on the negative impact that actions like this have on emergency responders across the nation.

From reading the article, it is alleged that an EMT acted not only illegally, but extremely unprofessionally. Thankfully, the driver of the ambulance involved reported the incident, even before the patient did. So, I think the driver deserves recognition for upholding the high standards that represent public servants.

Reading the comments of the article, you can already see how the actions of a single individual can have such a negative impact on the profession. Already, there are people screaming to change ambulance services for the town. It is depressing to know how hard EMS has fought to gain the respect of the community, and how easy it can be torn down by a single act of one person. One commenter claims it places a “black eye” on the profession as a whole. Regrettably, I could not agree more.

Emergency responders need to consider a few things when going out on call. We are there to help those that rely on us. When our car, truck, engine, ambulance, or even helicopter leaves the station, all eyes are on us. You have to not only conduct yourself in a legal manner, but all of us in public service need to act in a manner that brings pride on our profession.

I certainly hope the patient/victim of this incident can move past this and use it to help promote something positive. I also hope that if this EMT is guilty, he pay for his actions in not only the eyes of the law, but also for the hurt and shame he has brought upon the rest of us.

Read the full report by the paper here.

Written by: HemiMedic

Contributing Author Public Safety Blog

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