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Notable Fire Service Blogs

Submitted by on August 26, 2010 – 2:22 amNo Comment
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Writing on a continuous basis to this blog gets very difficult sometimes. Since this site is about a lot more than just the blog, I often find myself running behind. Keeping up good content about all the college choices available, as well as writing about my own accounts and experiences, can sometimes overwhelm me.

However, I find it a lot easier to write when I have other good blogs to visit and get ideas and inspiration from. So, I figured I would share some of my favorite Fire Service related blogs with my own readers. While I visit many more blogs than those I have listed, I thought I would pick out a few that I frequent, while still highlighting a little bit “for everyone”. So, here goes:

Let’s start of by acknowledging that inner child in all of us that wanted to be a policeman or fireman when we were little. That is exactly what the Kids Firefighter blog is. It is a blog by a child that absolutely loves everything having to do with fire service or firemen.

I really liked this blog from the first time I visited, and have gone back many times to see what 5 year old Mathew was up to. Now obviously Mathew gets help writing his blog, but hey, the thought is there and I think that a blog for kids is an awesome idea.

Examples of some things written in Mathew’s blog are a Donald Duck Fireman Video, which really is fun to watch as an adult too, and Fire truck pictures. The Kid’s Fire Fighter blog even takes the time to publish reminders of upcoming events and fire recognitions. As a parent, I really respect the parent/s of this young blogger, and I wish more families would be this involved in what their kids do and view on the net. Kudos!

Up next, we get a bit more serious with The Average Jake Firefighter blog. Though this blog is not a very “old” blog, I like to read the updates because the writer incorporates a lot of fire fighting and training tips. He also adds in a few fire fighting related product reviews and even a few personal opinions. As long as this blogger can keep finding things to post about, I believe he will be a great resource and interesting read.

And now, we get into a bit more “hard core” fire fighting blogs. The Kitchen Table takes business serious, and it is one of those blogs that you could lose a lot of time in and before you know it, you have been there for hours. Put together by several writers, this blog has pretty much everything you could want. From tactical information, to standards and regulations, to articles of inspiration, I think anyone interested in fire service would like this blog.

Anyone that reads the blog here at publicsafetydegrees.com, should also know how much I appreciate good stories and accounts of real life incidents. In fact, I think I would have to say that personal blogs are my favorite, especially if I can read and identify with the story being told. So, blogs like Into the Fire are definitely blogs I frequent a lot. Although there are posts extending back a few years, I actually wish there were more. There are stories about electrical fires and even a post about a fellow firefighter death. Blogs like this actually inspire me to keep on writing my own stories.

I saved my favorite for last. The Fire Critic is my favorite fire related blog, and I know I am not alone in this thinking. The Fire Critic’s blog is way too in-depth for me to just single out a couple of posts, and say, this is what the blog is about. The blog covers everything, and I really mean everything. However, a couple posts that ring out in my mind are a topic about tunnel vision, which we can all associate with. The top ten lists, featuring this firefighter dance video, and some very personal topics covering fallen fire fighters, memorials, and even discussions about aging, in the Line of Duty category. The Fire Critic is a “must read” for anyone seriously interested in fire/ems, and I highly recommend it.

So, those are some of my favorites. I could only hope to put out the quality of content that many of you do. I do try, but I must also give recognition to those that inspire me, such as the ones I have mentioned here. Keep up the good work fellas!

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