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Is Your Paramedic Career Stalled?

Submitted by on December 17, 2012 – 5:30 pmNo Comment
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Life in Emergency Medical Services is one of the most rewarding careers in public safety. But, as with any career, you need to have room for advancement. Without advancement opportunities, a career can begin to feel as though it has stalled, which can be detrimental to a person’s job future and job performance.Paramedic to Rn

Emergency Medical Service does have some small advancements. Depending on the state of employment there can be several levels of responders, with Paramedic being the top level in most instances. However, what separates EMS from most career types is that a person can easily go from the basic level to the highest level in about 3 years or less. In terms of long careers, 3 years is very short, and will usually result in the person being stuck at the highest level for the duration of their career length. If advancement helps to add new excitement to a job, then a Paramedic might be looking at a very lengthy career, with no advancement.

Fortunately, Paramedics have gained a lot of ground in abilities, reputation, and educational opportunities in the past few years. Many other public safety and healthcare pathways are now recognizing the Paramedic as a valuable asset, and have begun to search out Paramedics to join them and bring along their skill sets. Some of those pathways include:

Nursing – There are now colleges that accept Paramedics into the RN program, and grant Paramedics credits for their previous education as a Paramedic. The Medic to RN program is designed to make it easy for Paramedics to make the transition into the nursing field, thus creating nurses that are already professionals at emergency medicine, and fast pace responses to crisis.

EMS Management – Emergency Medical Management is something had not really been thought of, until just a few years ago. But, due to the rise in the number of EMS personnel, it has been found beneficial to hire individuals that are trained to manage them. Whether in a fire service, ambulance service, or other emergency service, EMS Managers have begun to play an integral role. The EMT to EMS Management program is designed to train an EMT to be able to play that role in managing other personnel.

Paramedics can also find colleges that will consider their previous training, and award college credits for that training. This becomes valuable when seeking out a new career, because the Paramedic can use their previous experience and training to enter a great many choices in college programs. With an associate degree so easily obtainable, the Paramedic can turn that degree into a whole new career.

If your Paramedic career is beginning to feel stalled, rest assured that there are options. A Paramedic can now simply set a new goal, and create a new career.

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