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Halloween EMS Style

Submitted by on August 11, 2009 – 2:08 amNo Comment
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Halloween is fun when you work in EMS you have so many things to use and so many people to mess with. At the ambulance service I worked at we were required to work almost insane hours which made for lots of time to think of nasty little tricks to play on your co-workers.

One Halloween night I was working an on-call shift, which meant I was on the second truck out. The primary crew had been on since 8 a.m. and it was now around 11 p.m. I called the business line at the EMS station and talked to my buddy working the shift and asked him if he wanted to have a little fun. He did! I told him around midnight or a little after to wake up his partner (who always went to bed early) and tell him that there was a transport from hospital to hospital, which we did very frequently for the local hospital.

I snuck into the ambulance bay and got in the back of the truck that they would be getting into for their run. Now it was about midnight on Halloween night, but for the crew at the ambulance service it was just another night at work. About ten minutes after midnight I heard the bay door open and the crew talking about the transport they had just received. The crew got in and like good little soldiers they buckled up before starting the truck and pulling out.

Umm…did I forget to mention that I was dressed in a long black trench coat and a werewolf mask with long pointy fangs and hair all over? Yeah well, as I reached around the corner and grabbed the passenger, who was buckled in and had absolutely nowhere to run or hide, I growled as loud as I could and he let out this yelp as if I had just punted his dog. He grabbed for the door handle, which he had locked in the scramble to get out of the seat in which he was buckled, and screamed at the “monster” that had just appeared in the back of his ambulance.

About this time I can’t take anymore, the driver who had known about the prank was on the ground rolling with uncontrollable laughter, and I was in tears laughing and watching the un-choreographed dance happening in the seat as he tried to unbuckle his seatbelt, unlock the door and unpucker his butt from the ambulance all at the same time.

The “victim” finally catches his breath and the first words out of his mouth when he could finally speak were, “Do we really have a transport?” “No” I said as I reminded him it was Halloween night and that he could go back in and go to bed if he wanted to. I don’t think that guy slept at all that night! I felt so bad! 8-)

By Rick S.

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