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“Pearls of Wisdom” from an Emergency Worker

Submitted by on March 11, 2010 – 7:22 pmNo Comment
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The longer we work in EMS or fire suppression there are pearls of wisdom acquired along the way. These pearls can not be found in any textbooks. These Pearls come from a reader and fellow firefighter, Doug.

  1. Do not enter a dark residence without first announcing yourself, better yet, have the police respond with you. Granted the entry time may be delayed but police are outfitted to handle the unknown.
  2. Prior to entering a gated yard shake the fence. If there is a dog loose on the premises the noise should provoke the animal to come running on the opposite side of the fence.
  3. Do not allow  a cardiac patient to have a bowel movement prior to transport, I am sure most of us are aware of this, however, it goes without saying that working a code in a hallway or bathroom is very cramped.
  4. When a patient tells you that they are fixing to die you should prepare yourself. The fear of impending doom is a very real thing.
  5. I got in the habit of carrying a small jar of Vicks while on duty. A small dab on the upper lip works wonders. One can never to what degree of noxious odor may be present.

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