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About Public Safety Degrees and Public Safety Stories

Public Safety Degrees was built and is maintained by individuals with a long history of public service in EMS, Fire, and law enforcement. This site is provided as an education and knowledge portal for those seeking to enter careers in Public Safety, as well as those currently working and/or seeking advancement information in their chosen Public Safety field.

At Public Safety Degrees, we know how difficult it is for working Public Safety professionals to find educational opportunities. With this in mind, we make every attempt to do much of the “ground work” for those interested in continuing their education. Research goes into finding out which schools offer courses in a variety of Public Safety fields, and the results of that research are then highlighted throughout this site. Information about a great many schools offering certificate and degree programs  are provided, along with links to request information from those schools. It is our hope that visitors are able to find the right school for them, and be able to continue to work in the career that we have all grown to love being a part of.

Public Safety stories is provided as an outlet and a resource for fellow Public Safety professionals, as well as individuals that are just curious to read some of the stories that many of us have experienced. Visitors are encouraged to submit their own stories for publication on this site, so that we can all share experiences, as well as provide some insight to those curious readers looking to be entertained. While we attempt to make sure that all stories provided here are true, we obviously cannot make any promises as to the accuracy and truthfulness of all the stories here. Readers should consider all stories here as entertainment only.

Articles located in the “Opinion” category of this blog should be considered just that, Opinion. They reflect only the opinion of the writer, and although may sometimes be controversial, are not intended as actual truth meant to harm, degrade, or slander any individual or entity.

We hope all visitors here enjoy what we have to offer, and would hope that users of this site find helpful information that can be used to either advance their Public Safety career or help them find their way into such an exciting and rewarding field.

We wish you all kind regards, good luck in your endeavors.

Jamey Perkins, CEO Site Expressions

Public Safety Degrees Staff